After two whole years (holy moly! I can’t believe it’s been that long!) We’re back! Finally! This week’s comic features an issue that I care very much about: acceptance and embracing differences. People can be born with the reproductive organs that do not match the gender they identify with. Our sex (physical characteristics) do not label us as who we are. Our identity reveals who we are. Gender applies to our identity, not our physical characteristics. Our identity can change with us as we grow and age, too. Just because my snails are hermaphrodites doesn’t make them gender-ambiguous, but in my comic I decided to make them that way. I’m a cisgender female, meaning I identify as being a woman and I was born with female physical characteristics. I have moments where I feel more masculine, but on the gender-spectrum I sway somewhere along the woman’s side. Some people are born with male characteristics and identify as female, and vice versa. Some people are born one way, feel entirely gender-neutral and prefer the pronoun of ‘they, them, their’. All are wonderful expressions of what it is to be human: sentient, feeling and alive.