I have a few visual treats for you too! Here’s my workspace at home, where I decided to complete my strip for this week. To the left of the work-in-progress comic are some ink sketches of our two new ryukin goldfish. We picked them up last weekend and I uploaded a video on youtube. Their names are Kabuki and Jubejube and they’re doing great so far in their new home. They’re already a great source of inspiration, as are the online forums that Stephen and I both read. 🙂


Stephen buys freeze-dried bloodworms. He soaks them with tank water a little beforehand, which is why he’s pulling them out of some water in a little glass bowl. It’s not completely necessary to soak them, but he likes to to prevent them from floating at the surface. Flake food/anything floating and edible isn’t ideal for fancy goldfish because they can swallow air and it can compromise their swim bladder. Since fancy goldfish are already prone to swim bladder issues, it’s best to try to avoid any unnecessary risk.