So, just to be clear on proper goldfish care: if you have goldfish at home and you’re planning on introducing a new fish to the tank, you should have a separate tank set up and have that fish isolated for two weeks to monitor its health before introducing it to your current fish. Goldfish immunity can be lowered through stress, and bagging/travel may affect their health. You also want to make sure you’re not introducing any pathogens to your current tank that could hurt your current healthy fish, so if you find the fish you bought is sick you have the ability to treat it separately before introducing it to the others.

So, ¬†Stephen bought this fish and kept it in a tank separately for two weeks. To be extra safe that it won’t experience shock from different water temperatures he’s letting it float in its bag for forty-ish minutes to acclimatize (which is what you should do in any tank when bringing a fish home from the store).

If you wanna nerd out on goldfish (I know I do!) watch some of Solid Gold‘s videos on youtube, because Jennie is fun and awesome.