This post is for anyone who’s had enough with someone unavoidable in their life (coworker, family member, whoever) and wants to unleash a fury of a thousand hells on them but can’t for whatever reason. Live through Charlie here, my friends! This strip is also inspired by the real-life Bob and Charlie. When I first got them, Charlie chased Bob around the tank. If you ever see that happening with your fish keep a close eye on their behaviour, and if it persists for a few days¬†isolate the bully-fish in its own tank for a week. When fish show aggression like this it causes stress and anxiety in all the fish in the tank. Their immune systems can be compromised and they’ll be more susceptible to diseases. A variety of factors can cause fish to be aggressive (if one fish is chasing the other and bumping against its rear, it may be breeding behaviour), that’s why its important to always monitor your fish’s behaviour — when you have some time, sit and watch them just to see how they naturally interact.